torstai 7. joulukuuta 2017

Students of the Sami University of Applied Sciences visited the Sami archives

Inka Kangasniemi is showing the archives 
of the Finnish Sami Artists Association

Duodje- ja digitála muitalusat -course is in progress right now in the Sami university of applied sciences in Kautokeino, Norway. The course is part of the AIDA project and during the course the participants learn about the importance of documentations of one’s own work processes.  The course also includes two excursions - one to Jokkmokk, Sweden, and the other to Inari, Finland.

The students of Duodje- ja digitála muitalusat course visited Inari on 21-24th of November. While in Inari the students also visited the Sámi archives. Inka Kangasniemi, a designer and
project worker in the AIDA project, showed and told about the archives, donated to the AIDA project. The Students also got to meet the duodjar Ilmari Laiti, who has donated his archives.

Ilmari Laiti is telling about his career as a duojár

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